Learning HTML 5 – contenteditable atribute

Without a doubt HTML5 brought us a great bagage of new features. One not so talked about, but seriously important is contenteditable.

This atribute contains 2 possible values, TRUE or FALSE and this makes the content in a defined tag to be editable by the user, for example: <h1 id=”title” contenteditable=”true”>JWebCoder</h1>

So, how to use it

Lets make a simple index.html file:

        <h1 id="title" contenteditable="true">JWebCoder</h1>
        <a href="javascript:" onClick="checkContent();">Check Content</a>

Now lets add the checkContent() javascript function to the body:

<script type="text/javascript">
function checkContent(){
    $value = $('#title').html();

Now when you edit the h1 content and click Check Content you will see that you have edited the h1 tag and you can even retrieve it whit some really simple jquery code.

Imagine now what you can achieve with this.

Had some ajax to it and a little post php script, create you’r own WYSIWYG editor, just go and try it out :).


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