Long url to short url

Url Shortener JavaScript PLugin

In our days, sometimes it’s easier to have a short link for your page, that you can share with your friends.

With this in mind, i’ve created a small plugin in JavaScript to handle this problem, and of course, without the need of JQuery.

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JavaScript OnLoad Event Plugin

I’ve been developing a plugin called SocialShare, the objective is to create sharing buttons to all the Social Networks, but i don’t want to use any framework to achieve this goal. And, because of that, i’ve encountered a small step back. The window.onload doesn’t really work has i intended. So, i’ve made my own onload event handler.

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Parallax Effect

Parallax Scroll Window Offset

The saga continues.

In this second tutorial, i’ll show how to create the Parallax effect by scrolling the window.

This type of Parallax effect has a small problem, though it is quite simple to implement, if we have a website with many elements under a Parallax effect, it can be a little slow and heavy.

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Parallax simples e fácil

Com o evoluir da Web, o Parallax está ai.

Para ajudar os leitores nesta nova tendência, vou criar uma serie de tutoriais com vários efeitos Parallax.

Neste primeiro tutorial vou mostrar uma forma de fazer Parallax simples e fácil sem dores de cabeça, utilizando duas imagens fixas para criar o efeito de que o texto está a passar por cima e que existem várias layers no nosso site.
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stubby auto list – Autocompleter and multi-selection Jquery plugin using PHP and Ajax

Here come another great plugin for jquery, this time not made by me, but by @jasonkvickers.

Latest version can be found on his github account: jasonkvickers.
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