Frontend development

I’ve always worked as “full” web developer, i would do the Frontend, Backend and backoffice implementation of a website, but since February 2014 i started working as a frontend developer at a company called NOS.
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JWeb Php Framework

Hello again,

I’ve worked with a lot of frameworks already, but never found the one that fills all my needs.

Some of them have a lack of integration, others do way to much and i only use few of the settings, also i can’t find any framework that incorporates must of the social networks API’s.

And because of this, i’ve started my own framework.


To have a framework that’s easy to use, fast to implement and supports all the needs we have today( facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, etc ).

The beginning

For now, i’ve done a simple mysql connection, custom and cacheable html elements for faster coding and implementation, SEO friendly links, jquery integration, javascript and css loading scripts, plugin management, and i’ve created the concept of Master Page.

For now this is what is does, next step will be Facebook and twitter integration, if you know how to use their API’s and wanna give some help, talk to me, and let’s do this :).